Monday, October 09, 2006

Cricket ..

I've recently discovered that more and more people are clicking their way over here and that's a very encouraging thing! My apologies then for my recent MIA-state, I made the big move to Brooklyn (me and everyone and their mother, I know) and have yet to get an internet connection set up. All in good time. Anyway, here's the skinny:

- Had a fantastic summer full of performances throughout New York. Made some fabulous connections and created some work that really speaks for me as an artist. Also got to spend some time wrestling with the muse of writing and got a hefty amount of work done. Most of this is now being revised and edited and will soon be here.

- I'm back in classes, being blessed enough to study poetry this semester under the talented Donna Masini and doing a lot of work in school, for school, because of school and out of school.

- My website ( is updated with my next performance dates and such.

- I'm submitting some work this season and looking to read at some open mics. When all that happens, I'll post.

- I choose to put my work on the internet for a number of reasons. For one, I enjoy the advantages of self-publishing, but, additionally, I love the ability to get my work out to so many people. It's like a giant workshop. So feel free to leave me feedback! Click the comment button on the bottom of entries or drop me an email. I'm always open to hearing what you're thinking when you read my work. Just obey the workshop rules ;)