Wednesday, June 14, 2006

this needs a title (and some editing?)

our crossing paths
caused me to lose
faith in the
your bull head
stunning in
my subconscious sun;
to my mind's eye,
little else
rests upon these
stumbling stones
of faith.
a mighty song
of fallen gods,
unrequited walls
barring our

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Inbetween a Day

i spent midnight in the cathedral
(sprawling stone, the workman's dignity
in the eyes of heaven)
realizing that it is not
the presence of marble standing tall
that is great
but rather
the vastness created in
the hollow absence of
the void that brings us
to our knees.

i left,
to the sun that
scratched the skyscrapers
and recalled
your last words

we'll meet again

loving you is religion

the void of you now
my pending salvation.

i don't want religion.

i ache
for some 2x4x2
filled reality.

the vastness of our
unexplored dimensions
grows with each dawn

though i sing you
prayers of pity

the sin of reality
bleeds through daily
as my salvation delays
and my penance prolongs itself.