Wednesday, March 15, 2006

dreaming and waking
waking and dreaming
you said 'i love you'
somewhere inbetween
and inbetween
my scars healed for
just a moment
and inbetween
you said 'i love you'
and i exhaled
the stale air
of dead sleep --but
before i could reply
you awoke
and i inhaled
new pins
and needles
numbness of the life
after dreams
and inbetween
the two lies the better
part of us.


my lovers eyes
lips hands
morning light in dusty windows
and on cheap curtains
an old sweater
to my knees
six months in succession on the floor
checks, x’s - time all gone
plane tickets, receipts
post it notes, to do:
thank you cards, international stamps,
currency rate and weather forecast.
checks, x;s - all done,
my lover’s eyes
lips hands
coffee cups, half-eaten breakfasts
and watches which we never wear
six months in succession - time all gone
airplane tickets
check points
all aboard!
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
six months in succession on the floor
crumpled bedsheets
mismatched socks
sweaters, jackets, spring sandals
three seasons, six months in succession on the floor,
checks, x’s, time all gone
alarm clock blinking
pillow blanket fortress
packing boxes,
suitcases, carry ons,
write on, right on,
six months in succession on the floor
checks, x’s - time all gone

left over champagne
blinking alarm clock
AM plane ticket
my lovers eyes
hands lips
sweaters, jackets, sandals
suitcases, check points
six months in succession on the floor
checks, x’s - time all gone.

a song of political unimportance

in the era of the soundless locomotive
our glass inspired symphonies
will dance like l
ead upon charcoal upon paper
revealing to us the very upmost s
cream of tunnel echoes

in that great era of the silent tracking
all that shouts,
the mighty seagull, trumpet and
the great dissent
will partner with the great divide
and fall with the sound of
a thousand pins dropping
leaving a trail of light
pointing to some archaic scribbling on decrepit walls.

and in the heyday of the muted narrow forging
our banners will strike,
unknowingly, a current, a solid silencing of
the sky
and like glass upon water
the clouds will be framed
for righteous use.


a globe sinks in its top shelf
the alpha male motions
'see here, see here,
so much i know'
a wall map shutters in wind
the night flask of a halogen
lamp blinks and dampens the room.

a silent, unfulfilled beat.

another enters the room.
'tafatta sweet'
he thinks but
would never pronounce, renounces
it and
nods approvingly.

a male sits at the dead oak desk,
hitting a compass
whose response is to courageously
find its right pull again.
quietly he takes his place,
the other sits.

among the jewels
an unheard song is sung
while the very pressing issues,
the very important business
is discussed.

When A and B combine
what then
what then
becomes of c?

they sit.
whiskey is poured,
shots silently fired as
papers are signed.

gray eyes
burning sad
he often wondered
what it was that moved her
why it was he could not touch her.

but they lived
at a distance.
she, shell-shocked
from a lifetime of running
and he, sad
from catching the raining
pieces but lacking
the substantional substance
to pull them together.

life for her had been
a labrynth
walls, puzzles,
shattered myths -
the soul of a fawn,
she lacked the wings
to escape her encaged maze.

he was her solace
but with the mouth of a tigress
she lacked the language of poet -
songless, she existed
at a distance.

enlightenment is a lightning bolt
but the world will end in a whisper

we will collpase unto our presupposed selves
we will yield to upchurning tides
and thunderous bellows of the
larks from behind the clouds

(enlightenment is a lightning bolt)

Remorse or something light-headed

the sky falls on the city
every night
and the stars catch the corners
of buildings
(these skyscrapers scratch the velvet)
and the remainder fall &
shower old broadway
(these streets paved withgold).
the sky falls on the city
every night
and you stand
open mouthed
wanting to swallow stars.
"you are the light,"
i say.
"but the universe
in my lungs
when I woke up
and I exhaled it
and I am sorry,"
you reply.